General warmup, 1-3 rounds:
Do 10-20 pushups between rounds.

Choose one of the exercise-combos below
C2 Rower 2mins
20m lunge walk, 10-20 situps
40m farmers walk, 40m sled pull

Session 1
    Logpress intense
    Yoke front light
    Farmers heavy
    Deadlift rows reps

Session 2
    Strict logpress reps
    Stones intense
    Front squats reps

Session 3
    Flat dumbell press intense
    Sledpull intense
    Stones reps

Session 4
    Logpress reps
    Farmers light
    Yoke heavy
    Straightleg deadlift intense

Session 5
    Strict logpress intense
    Stones intense
    Sandbags intense

Session 6
    Flat dumbell press reps
    Front squats intense
    Stones reps
High intensity, moderate volume. Should stimulate strength and size. 1 set for 3-8 reps, leave on rep in the tank, 1-6 back off sets at about 90% of top set, always leave at least on rep in the tank.
Progression: Rotate rep range and use the top-set to gauge progress. 

Session 1 results: 8 reps at 200kg est max 248kg

We assume no progress and pick weight that gives roughly the same estimated max as previous session, but we use a heavier weight and aim for a lower nr of reps to achieve that.

Session 2 attempt: 6 reps at 215kg est max 249kg, 

Since we still attempt to go for max reps leaving one in the tank we will typically get:
5 reps at 215kg est max 242kg
6 reps at 215kg est max 249kg
7 reps at 215kg est max 258kg

Now the process repeats. Increase weight and aim for a lower nr of reps. Use previous sessions result aim for the same estimated max. 

Assuming last session got 7 reps at 215kg then:
Session 3 attempt: 5 reps at 230kg est max 259kg 

Recommended nr of back off sets depends on nr of reps per set and how taxing the exercise is. Upper body 3-6 sets. Lower body 1-4 sets. If estimated max is lower than last session for the main set and you are feeling beat up. Skip back off sets completely. 

Low intensity, high volume. These sets are meant to create health in joints and muscles, while letting the CNS recover, and also contribute a little to muscle hypertrophy. Rep range 15-30. Sets 3-6. Choose a weight and rep nr that you can keep through all the sets. 
Progression: Reps and weight should never be chased here. If you manage get all the reps in the last set without to much of a struggle, increase the weight next time around.

#Balancing recovery#
This program has enough heavy lifting to push anyone into a downward form curve that is not sustainable over a full off-season of 3-6 month. This must be avoided, and the aim of program is to keep breaking PRs every time a session is repeated. If you are eating and resting and staying healthy and still dont break PRs, there is either to little or to much training. If you feel beat up have nagging injuries, sleep is getting worse. You need less training. The other case, to little training is more rare among highly motivated people. But can happen when reality stops you from going to the gym.

Four strategies:
1. How close to failure each set is taken to. 
2. How many back-off sets per exercise. 
3. How long to rest between sessions. 48h is baseline, go to 72 and 96h if needed.
4. Train and rest blocks. 48h or less between sessions. 1-3 rotations of the program. Rest 1-2 weeks. Repeat

The strategies can be combined of course. Always with the higher goal of breaking PRs while staying free of injuries and nagging pains.